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Malori Wampler Body Paint.A former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader is suing the organization, claiming they discriminated against her when they fired her for posing in risqué photographs.

Malori Wampler, 27, Indianapolis, was fired last November when a fan sent in pictures that showed her posing in what resembled a painted-on bikini. Her private parts were covered.

Her attorney claims she didn’t violate any of the Colts’ rules of conduct for cheerleaders, which forbid them from committing “any act that will or may create notoriety,” because the photos were taken before the Colts hired her.

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Wampler, who is Indonesian, says the Colts discriminated against her based on her gender and ethnicity because other cheerleaders — as well as Colts players, who must follow similar rules of conduct — have committed acts that created “notoriety” but were allowed to keep their jobs.

Dan Emerson, the Colts’ general counsel, said Wampler’s complaint, which was filed last Thursday in federal court in Indianapolis, has “zero merit,” but he wouldn’t elaborate.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” he said.

According to the suit, cheerleaders who are white have posed in similar photographs and haven’t been fired.

The photos of Wampler were taken when she worked with Playboy. She did not pose nude but did appear at golf outings to represent the company.

Wampler is asking a judge to make the Colts rehire her, pay her the wages she lost and compensate her for damages and the cost of the lawsuit in this years.